Wunderlich Tank Bag

In all my years riding motorcycles I’ve never been a one to use a tank bag. I’ve never come across anything I like the look of and then there’s the possibility of scratching the paint work on the tank, and anyone who knows me knows I’ve got proper OCD about scratches on my bike.

Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean that I keep my bikes locked up in a hyperbaric chamber only to get them out to play when the sun is shining high in the sky. In fact up until recently bikes have had to live outside under a rain cover to protect them from the elements, I now have access to a garage which makes keeping them clean & rust and dirt free easier.

Then I bought the Bat Bike which has a mental tank but is half covered in plastic so that made fitting a conventional one tricky.

Sure BMW make a specific tank bag for the S1000RR, but to be honest it’s not my cup of tea and that metal frame just doesn’t look right to me.

OE BMW S1000RR tank bag

OE BMW S1000RR tank bag

So with my options limited because I didn’t like the looks of most of the tank bags I resorted to wearing a motorcycle specific bum bag, or fanny pack as they like to call them in the US of A

The bum bag had served me well as I’ve been able to carry everything I need for a days riding; wallet, phone, spare visor, lip balm (yes lip balm), and at a squeeze a bottle of mineral water. I would squeeze a waterproof jacket under the pillion seat.

Anyway I was starting to have a rethink of the tank bag situation because I was looking for a little more storage with the upcoming Epic Adventure that will see us take in most of Wales and then a blast over to the Peak District to ride the Snake Pass and Cat & Fiddle.

I have recently switched to using a react to light pinlock insert on my visor and questioned the need to carry a spare, although it could be argued that you should always carry a spare visor when you’re on a road trip.

Anyway I began a search on the tinterweb and searched through the forums and came across this beauty built by German firm Wunderlich

Wunderlich S1000RR tank

Wunderlich S1000RR tank

The product is designed specifically for the S1000RR and I dare say it would fit the naked R.

There’s no magnets to scratch the tank and no unsightly frame that remains on the bike when you take the pack off.

Instead it’s fitted at the front with a velcro’d webbing strap that is secured to the front tank torq bolt with the rear of the tank bag secured to nipples (yes I said nipples) that you screw into the plastic tank cover.

The bottom of the tank bag is non slip and doesn’t go anywhere once it’s sat on the tank.

I’m very impressed with the slimline design that has plenty of space for wallet, phone, waterproof jacket as well as the stuff for my GoPro. I’ve also got a bottle of water in their, my baseball cap and a couple of flap jacks.

Another bonus of the Wunderlich tank bag is that it is low profile, which means it doesn’t get in the way when I’m riding and I can still get my head close to the tank to afford some protection from the wind.

Downsides: it doesn’t have a map pocket or a clear pocket to put a sat nav in like some other manufacturers products do but all in all I’m very happy with this product. In fact some of my Kawasaki riding buddies commented on it being a great product and wish that there was similar for their bikes.

So if you’re looking for a tank bag for your S1000RR I highly recommend this.

MK 🙂



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