Tyres or Tired?

Is it me or is it the tyres??

Bridgestone Battlax BT-016

Bridgestone Battlax BT-016

Have you ever gone out and had a crap ride for no reason that you can really put your finger on?

That was me yesterday. The wife very kindly let me go out for a birthday blast on the bike and so I hooked up with my mate Alex at one of the service stations on the Atlantic Highway, (sounds very romantic but the A39 is anything but).

Anyway, the plan was to head to the Port William Inn near Tintagel Castle, birthplace of the legendary King Authur for a hearty breakfast, test out the GoPro and of course get some more bike time on our build up to the Epic Adventure we are going on during the Easter break.

The weather hasn’t been great recently and it was no different yesterday morning. It had been raining so the roads were wet and greats and to be honest those conditions are not my favourite for riding in. Give new dry roads or give me rain but not changeable roads that you’re never sure what you’re gonna get from one corner to the next.

We took off down the A39 enduring the boring stretch that runs from Barnstaple to Clovelly where the road turns into a great motorcycle road with nice sweeping corners and some nice tight chicanes. Normally I’m all over this road and love most of the stretch down to Bude but for some reason I wasn’t gelling with it yesterday.

I really wasn’t getting any feedback from the front and so wasn’t riding my normal relaxed self into the corners. In fact I had the GoPro facing rearward and you can see Alex closing me down big time into corners but on the way out I was pulling away a little. I wasn’t gassing it hard but I was getting a better feeling from the rear.

Was I tired from a less than great nights sleep due to Isaac or was it the Bridgestone Battlax BT-016 tyres?

I’ve had Bridgestone tyres on both my Ninja’s and they were fitting to the S-thou when I bought it. In the dry I would say they were good tyres and was actually glad they were fitted to the Beemer when I got it as I had good experiences in the past. But yesterday that was all shot to pieces because I just couldn’t feel what was going on at the front.

So for the next three weeks I’ll be researching some new tyres with the aim to get them fitted before I head to Wales at Easter.

I’ll keep you updated on my research, in the meantime I’d be interested in your current tyre selection and why you chose those.




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