So I Crashed My BMW S1000RR

I’ve been riding pretty much consistently since 2005. Learning to ride more and more smoothly as the years went past. Adding new skills by joining the local RoSPA group, but sooner or later I guess we all get caught out, as I parted company with my S1000RR.

As I hit the deck and watched my pride and joy pirouette to a standstill I was thankful that there was nothing coming the other way.

Check the video for a riders eye view of the incident.

WARNING: I do drop the f-bomb. However I’m still shocked at how calm I am considering I’ve just binned my bike.

Checking back on the video time and time again I’m struggling to come up with a reason for the crash.

But bikes don’t crash themselves so I’ll put it down to rider error and just keep working on improving my skills as a rider.

One thing I will comment on is that I got up from this spill with absolutely no injuries.

Yes it was a low speed spill, but I know people who have crashed at slower speeds and fractured bones, so you could say I was lucky.

Or you could say that investing in good riding gear is worth the money.

I swear by Alpinestars kit. If it’s good enough for the top racers in the MotoGP, World Superbikes and British Super Bike paddocks then it’s good enough for me.

It’s also a prime example of why I wear all the gear all the time.

We had only been out for 20 minutes when I binned it. Sure, we had planned to be out longer but I’ve seen plenty of guys out with shorts, trainers and no gloves to cringe at the thought of what could happen.

As mentioned, it was a low speed fall,with my left ankle, hip, forearm and hand taking the impact. But my kit did the job

Now it’s just a case or repairing the damage to the bike and getting back in the saddle ASAP.




  1. Torsten Goodman says:

    Sorry to hear this, glad you weren’t injured! Can be frustrating when you don’t understand why you crashed though!