RoSPA 24th June 3014

RoSPA observed ride out to Bude.

RoSPA observed ride out to Bude.

After last weeks RoSPA ride where I wasn’t ‘feeling’ it from the get go I was looking to have a better observed ride as I pick up more and more tips as I progress towards passing my RoSPA test. I was paired up with my mate Alex for the first time since I’ve been going to RoSPA, so I knew there would be some banter when we got to our debrief point.

After a quick chat and route discussion in which we settled on heading to the Olive Tree Cafe on The Wharf in Bude. I was to be point man for the 35 mile ride out.

I like most of the road to Bude so I didn’t mind leading the way although it did mean that I had to lead on the boring bits between Barnstaple and Fairy Cross. You just got to love the name of that village.

Anyway, from Fairy Cross the road starts to get twisty with some great tight hairpin corners and some nice sweeping bends. Overall I would say my riding was good although I struggled to maintain a constant speed. I could say it was lack of planning ahead but I think it was more to do with no concentrating on keeping my speed consistent. Either way it’s not good enough if I want to pass my RoSPA test.

So I’m looking forward to next week and working on my consistency because ultimately that’s what advanced riding is all about; consistently putting into practice the system of riding that has been taught through the Motorcycle Roadcraft book that I highly recommend any motorcyclist who wants to improve their riding reads




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