RoSPA 1st July 2014

I was really looking forward to getting out in an observed RoSPA ride as I was going to be put through my paces by one of the senior observers as I’ve decided to apply to do my RoSPA test since all the feedback I’ve had up until now has been very positive.

So off I went heading towards some nadgery roads that would keep me on my toes. The sun was shining down and I felt a lot more settled than I did last week. Although earlier in the day I had the biggest energy slump ever which was only sorted by a cold shower and a couple of cups of tulsi tea.

We set off through town and out towards Umberleigh on the A377, a road that I’m not a massive fan of. Too many tractors leaving too much crap in the road but on this occasion I didn’t mind it. In fact I’ve rode it a couple or three times now with RoSPA and I’m definitely riding it smoother. Maybe that’s because I’ve stopped trying to “race the road” and always remembering that “slow is smooth & smooth is fast”

Anyway we eventually got to the debrief point where my riding was dissected and was giving more hints and tips to help iron out the ruff edges. That’s one of the best things about going out on an observed ride with RoSPA, it’s not negative, it’s very constructive which helps to build your confidence. You’re told when you’re doing something right and offered tips to improve your weak areas. You’re not just told that you’re shit!!

So it was a great evenings ride and it was good to get home early buzzing with positive vibes and get the test application in the post.

I wanted to celebrate the event with a beer but I didn’t have any so I just had a cup of herbal tea. I know, so rock and roll lol.



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