RoSPA 17th June 2014

The sun was shining, in fact the weather had been great for the last few days and coming off the back of an awesome ride out to Padstow and Roadford Lake with five friends I was really looking forward to RoSPA.

BMW S1000RR at LyntonAfter a bit of banter with the lads I was paired up with my observer, who was a former Police motorcyclist. We spent five to ten minutes discussing my riding and planned a route that he wanted me to ride.

After an extended route through town we headed out towards Lynmouth on the A39 from Barnstaple, which is not my favourite road. Back when I first moved to North Devon I used to like this road but now it’s so run down, with massive amounts of ruts, gravel and other crap littering the road it’s list it’s appeal to me. The local highways agency don’t seem to give a dam about the safety of the road and it really feels neglected

Long story short, it wasn’t my best ride. My observer picked up a few points, mainly about my speed. I wasn’t speeding but he suggested that if I have to change my line mid corner then I was going to fast for the bend which ultimately comes down to bend assessment. The level of information. That he picked up was amazing and I was really surprised that he picked up my subtle throttle rolls offs.

One of the other pick up points he made was “secondary braking”, I thought I’d got on top of this bad habit ages ago, just shows that when you’re having an off day old habits can creep back in.

All in all I rode a lot better on the way back from Lynmouth which my observer mentioned. However I know I can do better so am looking forward to next week and a much mor fluid ride.

MK 🙂



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