Pot Hole Danger

If I was a motorcycle journalist, my first port of call would be to do an article on the disgrace that is the road that runs from Bratton Flemming to Barnstaple.
The road is a frigging liability. Subsidence into the river, constantly covered in mud and pot holes on certain sections that reduce the available ‘road’ not only to motorcyclists but to other road users which often leads to drivers cutting onto the wrong side of the road on blind corners to negotiate the turns.
This is obviously not only dangerous to users of two wheeled vehicles who are more vulnerable than car drivers but it’s also an accident waiting to happen for car drivers who may meet in the middle of the road doing the wrong way.
Then there is the section that runs through Snapper. There are more pot holes in this section of the road than there is actually road. Again this is unsafe for two wheeled vehicle users and causes damage to cars.
This in turn increases the cost of insurance as people claim to repair the damage caused by unsafe roads.
So, lets start a make our roads safer campaign



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