Double Bubble

Don’t get me wrong, I love my bike I really do but there are some tweaks that just needed to be done. After a recent two junction blast down the motorway I realised just how pathetic the standard screen is on the S1000RR. Even though I’m a bit of a short arse I took a bit of a battering in the rain that decided fall just as I rolled down the motorway on ramp and onto the motorway its self as I headed to a motorcycle dealership in Exeter.

Once I got home I decided to check out the tinterweb for a replacement double bubble screen for my steed. First port of call was the BMW website as I had an official BMW double bubble fitted when I bought the Bat Bike. After a pause for thought I decided that I didn’t want to have a really dark screen that I couldn’t see through and I also was a little reluctant to pay the hefty price for the BMW product.

So after spending an hour or so looking at all the BMW race bikes I came across the Puig screen that I’ve now got fitted to my bike. My thoughts about the Puig is that it wasn’t too dark and that the smoke effect worked better on a mostly white bike than the solid black screens that you cannot see through. Personally I feel that it’s improved how the bike looks and upon riding it I don’t get battered by the wind anywhere near as much.








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