RoSPA 1st July 2014

I was really looking forward to getting out in an observed RoSPA ride as I was going to be put through my paces by one of the senior observers as I’ve decided to apply to do my RoSPA test since all the feedback I’ve had up until now has been very positive. So off I […]

RoSPA 17th June 2014

The sun was shining, in fact the weather had been great for the last few days and coming off the back of an awesome ride out to Padstow and Roadford Lake with five friends I was really looking forward to RoSPA. After a bit of banter with the lads I was paired up with my […]

RoSPA: First Observed Ride

So I went out on my first official RoSPA ride today was my first observed ride out with RoSPA. After the novice mistake of not checking my tyre pressures when I left the house I hopped on the bike and headed out for a quick blast to brush away the cobwebs of having not rode […]