Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt on the B500

So, I was heading back to Calais after a weekend in the Swiss Alps. I hadn’t really planned the route home, I was happy to let the sat nav do the work.

As I was happily going along I started to pick up signs for Strasbourg, and started to think that I was really close to the German border and that’s when I had a moment of madness.

I pulled over at the next services and did a quick check to see how far I was from Baden-Baden in the Black Forest as I’ve been itching to ride the B500 for a while now. In fact it’s planned into my trip for 2017.

But, I was so close, 40 miles to be exact so did some sums to try and figure out if I could ride the B500 and still make it to Calais for my train home to the UK. The extra milage would result in me being about three hours late for my EuroTunnel booking.

So I took a big deep breath and paused for about 10 seconds before I said “f@ck it”, turned right and headed towards the German border and straight towards Baden-Baden, then changing my mind and heading to Freudenstadt as it was closer.

All I can say is that it was one of the best spur of the moment decisions I’ve made for a while. The B500 is epic.


German Police in Baden-BadenWith more than 100 corners flowing from one to another that as they thread their way through picture perfect pine forests, it’s easy to see why the ride for Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt on the B500 is regarded as one of the best motorcycle roads in Germany.

As a result, it’s heavily populated by sportsbikes but you’ll also find some cruisers and a decent amount of Police presence who I was told have zero tolerance for speeding. Luckily I was a good boy and just took this picture as proof that I had been to germany as I was too busy enjoying the roads to take tons of photos.

At around 40 miles it will take you about an hour to ride from Baden-Baden to Freudenstadt so you could get in a couple of laps in a day if you were to base yourself near to the start or finish point. Baden-Baden is a world famous Spa town so there is lots to see and do in the area. Freudenstadt is well known for its fresh air due to being surrounded by trees and thus regarded a health resort. It has many hotels offering great food and it’s city centre is famous as the largest market place in Germany.

Black Forest - B500After a quick expresso or two, the obligatory slice of Black Forest Gateau I got back on the bike and headed south towards Freudenstadt for another slice of the Black Forest and the B500.

If you haven’t been, you should go. If you have been, you should probably go again.

I know I will.



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