Metzeler M-7RR Review

So, four us headed to Snowdonia from Collumpton in Devon. A Hyabusa, a TLR, a Blade and myself on the S-thou.

I’ve been doing this trip for the last five years and can’t get enough of the brilliant roads they gave through Wales. The route changed every time I go but the A470 & A483 are always included in some part.

My mate on the Blade had taken my advice and fitted Metzeler M-7RR tyres to our bikes and I was using this trip to fully access what I thought of them compared with Metzeler K3 Racetecs and Bridgestone S20’s.

From the moment I set off I knew these tyres were going to be “for me”

Within 5 minutes of riding on cold damp roads I trusted them. From cold they offer great feedback of what’s going on.

After the first 100 miles of boring motorway riding my mate on the Blade exclaimed that the tyres were awesome as we waited to go through the toll gates and unleash over 500hp on Welsh roads.

We headed towards the West End cafe in Landoverry and with every twist and every turn I gained more confidence in the tyres and saw some decent angles on lean and nearly scrubbed off chicken strips.

After “second breakfast” it was on to Aberystwyth. This section of the trip offered everything that great road riding has to offer. Fast bends that flow from one to the other broken up with tight tachnical chicanes. And the scenery is stunning. Lakes, hills and stone walls tha leave no room for error and focus the mind that echoed with the sounds of an on song S1000RR fitted with an Austin Racing end can. The popping as you change down through the gears bouncing back at you from the walls either side of you. Pure motorcycling heaven.

Onwards and upwards we travelled eventually arriving at the Oakley Arms Hotel, a favourite amongst bikers, tired from a days riding but excited with what day two was to bring. I went to bed praying that the forecast snow would not arrive.

Sunday morning arrived and I woke to the sound of birds signing and looking out the window I was pleased to see that the sun had well and truly got his hat on.

After a huge breakfast we headed to Ponderosa Cafe at the top of the Horseshoe Pass. If you’ve never rode the A4212 from Trawsfynydd to Bala you’re missing a real gem of a road. Long sweeping bends, elevation changes, and heart in mounts bends on crests where you feel the bike go light make for a exhilarating ride. And this was just our warm up as we headed to the A5, which is another excellently surfaced Welsh road carving it’s way through some amazing scenery. I feel like I’m waxing lyrically but motorcycling for me is meditation. A chance to clear the mind of everything else that’s going on in my life and just concentrate on seeing each corner together as smoothly as possible. It’s not about going fast. It’s about making effortless progress. In the past I used to get frustrated when I rushed my riding. Now, after a great day on the bike I feel at peace.Buzzing with excitement. But content at the same time.

Anyway, after tea and stickies at Ponderosa we headed south. The wind had picked up a bit and as strange and out of place a set of heated grips on a sports bike sound I was grateful that BMW have added these to the S1000RR

We stopped Bala for a quick photo as the rains rolled. I’m not as comfortable riding in the rain as I probably should be but I kept telling myself that “the roads still dry” as we headed to Cross Foxes. The Metzeler M-7RR’s didn’t put a foot wrong in the rain and I felt I rode pretty consistent in the rain on the. This is due to the feedback from them. I always felt that I could trust the tyres and I guess that’s what it’s all about.
So, in closing…

After over 470 miles on a set of brand new tyres I can honestly say these are some of, if not the best tyres I’ve used on the road.

I loved them. My mate on his Blade loved than and I’m sure you will.

If you’re looking for new tyres, in my opinion you can’t go much wrong on the Metzeler M-7RR



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