Testing Testing

Ok, so quick debrief on my 230 mile round trip.

New leathers are warmer than the other set.

White leathers, gloves and boots stick out like a sore thumb. More so with the fluorescent yellow all over them.

White boots gets dirty quickly.

Love my new Arai.

The react to light pinlock insert I got is good, just not dark enough at certain times.

Tank bag is brilliant, fits a waterproof jacket, wallet, phone, camera, pens, helmet cleaner, bottle of water & a picnic bar. Unfortunately no cake. It doesn’t obstruct the filler cap and is low profile that I can still get under the bubble when needs be.

Those leather wipes that I posted a picture of are well worth the £2 I paid. Leathers cleaned up quickly. Think it’s going to be a must do job wearing white.

Other things: the road from Bridgewater to Minehead could be get. Wide, twisty, smooth and mostly clean. Only spoilt my solid double white lines which I’m reluctant to cross. Unlike the 2 guys who came flying past me.

The road from Minehead to Blackmore Gate is bumpy as fug, covered in gravel and tractor shite. It’s also hard to see where the hell you are going when the sun is directly in your eyes. Might have to revert to black race visor for Wales.

Heated grips = God send.

All in all, was good to get out and dial my brain back in.



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