10 grand for speeding on the motorway??

Get fined up to 10 grand for speeding on the motorway??

Before heading out for a blast, think how prospect of a 10 grand fine would make you ride

Before heading out for a blast, think how the prospect of a 10 grand fine would make you ride

Magistrates are to be given powers to impose higher fines to deal with and deter day to day offences, including motoring offences.

James McLoughlin, from road safety charity Brake, backs tougher penalties for speeding drivers.

He said: “Speed is one of the biggest killers on our roads and, through the support we provide for victims of road crashes, we bear witness to the devastating effects of speeding.

“Limits are there for a reason, and more needs to be done to deter those who choose to put other road users at risk by breaking them.”

Now I agree that speed is a killer but I don’t think whacking great fines on people who creep above the limit is going to stop being killed on our roads.

Better training and testing for drivers should be the order of the day with advanced driving courses being proposed for all drivers, especially new drivers who have recently passed their test.

Personally I don’t mind having to retake my driving test every ten years or so. The roads and the vehicles that we drive on them change so much as the years go by that a ‘skills refresher’ could be a good idea.

It’s also not outright speed that can lead to accidents. Texting while driving reduces accident time massively. As does talking on a mobile phone while driving.

As for middle lane hogs on the motorways, this is actually an offence but doesn’t seem to stop people from mindlessly sitting there mile after mile. This activity leads to traffic congestion as it basically shuts off one lane of the motorway, and can often cause other drivers to speed to make up lost time. I’m not saying speeding is acceptable in this situation, I’m just saying it’s a possible cause.

As for drink drivers: if someone causes death by drink driving I think the should be thrown in prison, no questions asked.

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